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Core Potentials Training Inc
Is your life passing you by?
Are you struggling to remain true to yourself while your busy life takes you off purpose?

Are you ready for a great

“If that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find without.” Doreen Valiente, Charge of the Goddess

‘Self Healing’ ... The New Health Science™
The Three Sacred Keys to better Health, more Energy
& much happier Relationships

The Powerful Profitable Healing Practice

Calgary, AB Monday, October 6, 2014 FREE with pre-registration
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Vancouver, BC Monday, October 14, 2014 FREE with pre-registration
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Carole M Friesen is the leading expert in personal transformation. Carole is in the business of empowerment. She shows you how to peel back emotional layers of cellular memory and experience the freedom to shine the light of your soul. 
As a presenter Carole charms her audiences with her unique blend of body language, face reading, wisdom and candid humour.  Carole is a sought after keynote speaker, best selling author and an award winning teacher, Carole has shared the stage with New York bestselling authors T. Harv Eker, John Gray and Doreen Virtue. 
Carole M Friesen is the North American spokesperson for the Magic of BodyMind Communication and oversees thousands of students, practitioners and teachers in Psychosomatic Therapy. 
Spend a few minutes in Carole’s presence and feel your body come alive!

"Our Mission is to teach and empower people 
to live fully in their body. To uncover the 
layers of hurt and pain buried deep in their tissues!"

To experience and release the Core Potential of your Soul.

The most Spiritual thing you can ever do is to
Love Your Face, Hands and Body! 

Love Your Life!
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